Blonde 4.5% Refreshing Hoppy Pale from Stod Fold

Stod Fold Brewing Company gives a nod to history whilst looking to the future. We brew a selection of ales that provide a genuine balance of the old and the new.

If you are looking for traditional ales then we would suggest one of Stod Fold’s brothers; either Gold or Amber, timeless Yorkshire ales with epic refreshing flavours.

If you are feeling more adventurous, then perhaps Stod Fold Blonde or Pils are for you. Modern masterpieces with complex layers of flavour.

All our beers are crafted using cutting edge techniques and equipment to ensure flawless quality, consistency and great depth of taste.

About this beer

  • Our premium pale blonde has a light colour, is aromatic and has a refreshing finish delivered by American Cascade aroma hops. It’s plain blooming marvelous!
  • Malts – Maris Otter, Caramalt
  • Bittering Hops – Magnum
  • Aroma Hops – Hersbrucker